2 thoughts on “About RafidisGraffiti

  1. “Rafeedie Graffiti” was the name I gave to a paper covered wall for my student residents to decorate while I was a resident advisor at the Ohio State University. I was studying architecture and I felt that the floor needed some artistic collaboration. What a delight it was to find your blog!? You look just like my first cousin Christine. I’m sure we are related but I have no idea how. But one day when I visit Sweden I will look you up and we will meet at a cafe and we will share and talk and laugh.


    1. Hi Julie! Nice to hear from you. And here I was thinking I was so original about my Blog’s name…LOL
      Since you have the “Rafeedie” spelling, then you are on my Mom’s side of the family and we are definitely related. My mom and dad emigrated to the US from Ramalleh in the 50s. Where are your parents from? You can reach me at joanie.rafidi@gmail.com for more corespondence. Yours, Joanie


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