This is an A.I. Experiment – Do you dare to be a part of it?

So, the other day, I get a referral phone call – a prospect who was looking for a Native English copywriter who knew something about #ArtificialIntelligence or #A.I. in the Coder world. Being an expert generalist, I said I had produced a podcast about IoT and written a few articles but truthfully had not written about A.I. before. Even though I love to write technology pieces, I’m not a true tech writer. (Never written a manual in my life.) But as a journalist, I started to research the topic and was simply overwhelmed by what was out there. Until I watched this video.

Today, I saw a tweet about Google’s new  and curiously, I checked it out. Now, even I know how machine learning works and am able to create my own experiment. Thought this was clever, so I thought you might want to have a go at it yourself. That way, you can be a part of the near future now.

About A.I. Experiments

Giorgio Cam
Quick, Draw!


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