Tips to get your readers to engage with blog comments

You’re getting no blog comments, you’re becoming disillusioned, you’re about to to give up…

But there is a way forward.

Have I caught your attention?  I hope so because comments are so important.

Over 90% of everyone that visits your site is going to be a lurker who will never comment, get over it!!

Your blog is part of your social media community and you want community involvement.  Encouraging and promoting comments on your blog will lead to a stronger community with more support for your content.

But it’s not that easy.  And it’s like the chicken and the egg scenario!  You get more comments when you have comments in place already.

So how do you kick off these comments and ensure your blog doesn’t look like a ghost town!

Here are 7 amazingly simple ways to get more blog comments.

1. Make it easy to comment

If somebody comes to your website, really enjoys your website and then wants to comment you need to make sure it’s easy to comment.

There are lots of different commenting systems available and some are much more popular than others.

If you’ve previously created an account with a comment system some allow you to stay logged in.  So when you arrive on the website you can comment without entering your details again.

If you have to enter your login details again the chances are you won’t bother or you forget what the login details are.

So make sure to have a commenting system that is popular and allows your users to stay logged in so they don’t always have to enter their login details.

Disqus is one of the most popular commenting systems and is available on 3 million websites.  Once you login you stay logged in so you never have to enter your login details again.  Reducing this friction helps a lot.

Action: Make sure that you use a popular commenting system and make sure your visitors don’t have to remember their login details each time to come to your site.

2. Link back to a commenters blog post

There is a WordPress plugin called CommentLuv.  When someone posts a comment it automatically links back to their last blog post.

Linking back gives the commenter an incentive to provide a comment in the blog.

In the following you see a comment and a link back.  This was from Kim Garst’s website who gets a ton of engagement on everything posted and has built up a really strong community of supporters.


Action:  Consider CommentLuv as a possible plugin for commenting.

3. Do outreach

Not having any comments on your blog is completely your fault and not anyone else’s!!

If you have a blog that’s not getting any comments you need to reach out to people that may have something interesting to say about your article and ask for comments on it!

When you have comments you get more comments.  It’s hard to get the first person to comment so encouraging this will lead to more.

Figure out who the audience is relevant to and then reach out to them and tell them about the post.  Ask them to come back and comment.

If you are doing outreach you really need to manage this correctly.  You can use Excel to keep track of your outreach or manage it really well using a tool such as Buzzstream.

Buzzstream will ensure that you can keep track of who you reached out to.  There are some great serial commenters out there!

It’s not a case of using outreach to get all your comments.  It’s useful to get initial comments and you’ll get more comments on the back of those comments!

Action:  Build your outreach program for new blog posts.  You could just spend 15 minutes reaching out to relevant people and implement a good content sharing strategy. 

4. Get more social shares

You can write a wonderful piece of content but if no-one gets to see it then it will sit there on the shelf with the other posts.

One way of getting more people back to your content is getting your visitors to share out the content.  With more people coming back to your content you have a better chance of getting comments.

And if you’ve done your outreach and got some comments and then you get sharing going on your site… wham, bam, thank you mam… you’ll have some more comments.

Here’s our social sharing which is a plugin called Flare.


Action:  Promote your post as much as possible to get more shares which will lead to more comments.

5. Have multiple comment options

What happens if you install Disqus but a really heavy Google+ user arrives on your site and likes to comment and share on Google+.

You could decide to replace Disqus with Google+ or you could give the person multiple options for commenting.  When they arrive they can comment on Disqus or Google+.

Ryan Hanley was recently experimenting with this and used this plugin for Google comments.

Multiple comment systems

This is an option we are now considering.  We get great comments on Disqus but believe that we are missing out on conversation on Google+.

Action:  Consider having multiple comment systems on your blog.  Maybe your audience is really active on Facebook so you could add Facebook comments as a second option or maybe it’s Google+.

6. Interact with other commenters

If you build up a relationship with relevant people that comment regularly then they will start commenting on your blog.

If you’re using Disqus you can follow people.  You can then track what conversations they are having and start interacting with them.

Here’s an example from my friend Warren.

Disqus followers

Action:  Check out your commenting system and find out if you can follow people that are relevant to your blog.  Start interacting with them and they will interact with you!

7. Ask for comments

There are no tools involved in this one!

One of the best ways of getting comments is asking for them.

For example, have a question at the end of post that encourages people to answer.

What I try to do is ask multiple questions and give people options.  For example, if I ask the question on this post ‘What other tips do you have’  you may not have other tips.  So I could also ask ‘are there any tips you would use’.

Action:  Give some people encouragement to comment and give them multiple options.  Don’t ask a question that is hard to answer unless you have an easy to answer question beside it.  Try to have at least one question that is relevant and easy to answer for most of your audience!


Blog commenting is an extremely important part of a blog but with the vast of visitors will not comment (lurkers!).

But you can actively promote comments and when you do the initial ground work then you can ease off a bit because blogs that get comments get more comments!


Ok, so here is where I follow through and encourage you to take action.  Here are some options:

1.  Comment below – Let me know are their tips above you would use?  Are there any tips you would like to add?  We find out now if you’re a lurker or a commenter!

2.  Each point has an option for action.  Consider implementing one of those points and increase the comments you get.

3.  Share this – If you share you’re community might enjoy it and I’ll get more chance of comments!

Thank you!

via 7 simple ways to get more blog comments today | RazorSocial.

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